Love brought me back home

A couple of years ago, you would not even have found me considering moving back to the little village that I grew up in. My sexy cheap London escorts career was going great and I was having a good time socially as well. At the time, my work with a top London escorts agency was going so well that I even could afford to buy a second property. It as going to be an investment property in London, but then I ended up falling in love with a cottage back in my old village.

The cottage needed some work, but I knew that my first boyfriend had a building company. Not only was he a brilliant thatcher, but he was also qualified to do minor building projects. I got in touch with him, and before I knew it, he was on the case. To my surprise, I could feel old feeling stirring up, and I felt a bit unsure if I should actually contract him. However, as I was going to be working for cheap London escorts, I needed someone on the scene I could trust.

The pretty little Hampshire cottage cleared me out, and after I had allocated a budget for restoring the place, I had to work like heck at London escorts to make up the money. It took me six months to get some money together again, and during that time I did not have any time off from London escorts to visit Hampshire. I had never worked so hard for our London escorts service, but things paid off. Like I said to my friends, I was soon back on track again.

After having worked like a mad woman for six months, I drove back down to Hampshire. I had been keeping in touch with Philip, and it sounded very much like the cottage was ready for me. He thought that I would be moving in straight away, but I still wanted to spend a year working for London escorts. Seeing the cottage made me change my future plans. I had planned to just rent it out, and still work for London escorts, but it was too pretty. The garden looked amazing in sun, and a little robin even greeted me as I had my morning coffee in the garden.

In the end, I decided to work for another year at London escorts and then rent out my London flat to sustain my life in Hampshire. When I finally left London escorts, I realised how much I had missed this part of the world. I started to go out to the local pub with Philip, and I soon found myself falling in love with this enterprising man. Little did I know that Philip had done very out of his business, and we sort of fitted together again. Today, I have left London escorts far behind, and I own my own dog grooming business. Phil and I are married, and our family of various pooches seem to be just as happy as we are.

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