My Sweet Experience With An “Old Friend”

“Dr. Sally!” “Dr. Alex”, I replied as I hugged my dear old friend. It was during our Medical college class reunion. The thing is that Alex and I weren’t pure friends, we had some chemistry going on between us. We broke up after I learned that Alex and my other classmate Cathy had drunk sex. We never spoke after that. The moment I saw him, I realized that all the bitterness I had against him had been wiped away by the ten years we had been apart.

After the introduction, we were given time to interact with whomever we decide. Alex asked me to join him for a drink outside; of which I complied. The night breeze brought all our past feelings behind, and for sure, our fling was brought back to life. A lot had happened within those ten years. Both of us were happily married with kids and we had blooming careers as doctors.

Sometimes all that is needed to re-light an old flame is a spark. Our flame was no different; we exchanged numbers and promised to talk later. After a week of not hearing from him, I thought that he wasn’t interested in me. Being the old-fashioned lady I was, I chose not to contact him either.

One evening after a long day of saving lives, I was preparing to go home. My husband had gone to visit his parents together with the kids. As the thought of going back to an old house crossed my mind, I heard the phone ring. It was my secretary; “Madam, Mr. Alex is here to see you”, she said. I instructed her to let him in.

His face hadn’t changed at all, and the charm in his eye was evident. He smiled as he entered the door then gave me I slow and long kiss. He had a bottle of wine in his hands. “Care for a drink?” he asked. I agreed and he poured some in two glasses. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you”, Alex told me. These words felt magical, I knew I still had feeling for him. We talked for a while then he started stripping off my clothes.

Alex pushed aside everything off me desk as he spread my legs and removed my undies. He got down on me and for the next few minutes, I had a clit job of a lifetime. I could feel his hot big dick warm in his pants. I got down on him and gave him a short blowjob.

I felt his monster cock enter my pussy. “Aaah!” I kept moaning. “I want more and more”, I demanded, as Alex pounded me like this was his last chance. Damn! It felt very sweet.

I always wanted an ass fuck but my husband rejected my plea. So, when Alex offered to screw that hole, I was happy. He pulled lube from his jacket and poured it over my virgin ass. He used his fingers to open it up. Then I felt his warm dick enter me. Gosh! What followed was a trail of orgasms that I have never experienced before. We fucked for seven straight hours, which felt like thirty minutes. I can’t wait for our next episode. Like they say, old is gold, and it applies to old flings too!

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