No one can make me happy aside from Maidenhead Escorts.

It was very heartbreaking when my girlfriend broke up with me; I thought that she and I would end up getting married. We had lots of plans for our future, and reach our dreams together. Some people always asked us “why we are not married yet?” a question that we always escape to answer. I can see in her eyes that she is not ready yet, I know that she is getting excited about being successful in a career. We are in the right age already, but I can sense that she does not want to settle down. Every time we talk about marriage, she changes the topic, and I respect it.


Mellisa and I known each other when we were kids, we are childhood friends and been together for so many years now. I’ve been his good friend ever since, and it took me so long to confess my feelings. I don’t want to ruin the relationship that we have; it’s fantastic having a good friend of yours. But I know it will hurt me a lot if he could get a  boyfriend soon.


Mellisa was a sweet girl when she and her family transferred to our village its when the time I like to play. Beside Mellisa I got no friends at all, I am a victim of bullying, and it’s better for me to stay at home than make friends with people who don’t like me. Mellisa always defends me before to everyone; she stands in my side. She never allows anyone to degrade me, and mock me. That’s when I realize that there is something special on her. She and I built a tree house, that’s where we play and relax. Even when we grow up, we always go to the tree house to express our feelings. It feels home, and we both love the place. We never parted ways ever since, we are always together, at school or in the neighborhood. Melissa is still there to make me happy, and feel good. Its when we are in college, I dare to tell her what I feel. It’s during our graduation day; I am afraid that when we both work, we don’t have tome to each other. We have mutual feelings, and become an official couple. It was a beautiful and smooth relationship we have. I asked her if she is willing to marry me, but she declines and chooses career over love. She distant herself to me until I feel that it’s not working anymore.


We broke up, I am very depressed, but thankfully there is always Maidenhead Escorts at all times. I book a Maidenhead Escorts from to help me not to lost myself, and it was a great choice of mine. I love being with them; No one can make me happy aside from Maidenhead Escorts

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