The kind of lifestyle I was looking for

When I met Joe at Dalston escorts, he seemed to have many of the same values in life that I had. I noticed that many of his clothes came from designer shops in London, and some of his suits were handmade. His shoes were always nice, and he looked good all of the time, so he must pay attention to personal grooming. Most of the time, I don’t think that the guys I met when I worked for Dalston escorts were the right ones for me, but I felt that Joe was my kind of man.

Should you hunt around for the right guy for you? Unlike most of my friends at Dalston escorts, I think that it matters that you are totally honest about your needs in life. Sure, some girls are probably happy to settle for the guy next doors, or the guy who may afford to take you out for dinner once in a while. That is not me I am afraid, I date some really nice gents at Dalston escorts, and I must admit that I have come to appreciate a champagne and caviar kind of lifestyle.

Was Joe going to be able to deliver me the kind of lifestyle I was looking for, and the kind of lifestyle I wanted? I really wanted to get to know this guy a little bit better, so I started to do some research on him. A friend of mine who is a credit manager even ran a credit check on him. That was kind of an awful thing to do, but it did help a lot. It turned out that Joe had very few debts, and paid all of his credit cards on time. I thought he might as he was always very generous to me at Dalston escorts from

Of course the credit report told me where Joe lived as well. One weekend, when I was not working for Dalston escorts, I decided to cruise by his house in central London. Wearing dark glasses and a brunette wig, I stopped in the street where he lived, and walked past his house. A smart car was parked in the drive, and the house looked nice and together. I know that he was a banker, so I thought that he might have a nice home. Fortunately for me, he did not spot me.

A couple of months later, I dropped my gig with Dalston escorts and moved in with Joe. I was not sure I was in love with him as he was rather a bit older than me, but I liked his lifestyle, and did not mind being his Sugar Babe for a while. It was not like I was going to rob the guy or anything like that, but I certainly intended to make the most out of things, and enjoy a little bit of a Champagne and Caviar kind of lifestyle for a little while. It would just be a nice break from escorting, I could always go back to that later.

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