What to do with my designer bags

At one time, we used to receive a lot of jewelry at https://charlotteaction.org, but that has all changed now. It seems that many of the gents we date are rather fashion conscious and we have started to receive a lot of bags and handbags. I guess it may be easier to buy a girl a bag as an item of bling can be rather a personal item. Still, I think that it is nice to receive bling as well as hand bags.


Anyway, I have accumulated rather a lot of hand bags, and my wardrobe is packed with them. I started to go through them all when I was clearing out my London escorts clothes to buy some new ones. It is easy enough to sell second clothes in London, but where do you sell hand bags? I am not dating some of the gents that gave me bags, and I thought that I may as well find new homes for them, and make some money.


The first place that I checked out was Ebay. Sure, Ebay is okay but you actually pay rather a lot to list and then you pay money to sell as well. On top of that you have got the Paypal commission, and you have to ship. Although I have sold some other things on there, I don’t think that I will be selling my London escorts bag collection on Ebay. It is actually way too precious for me to do so, and I think that I would be better elsewhere.


My mum is pretty smart and she goes around a lot of carboot sales. I know that she makes some good finds from time to time, and she sells them at auctions. My bags are not that old, and trying to sell them at auction may just be the wrong thing to do. It surprised me, but you do actually pay rather a large commission to the auction house, and it does really cut into your profit. I asked locally, and it would just cost me too much money to sell them that way.


The other day I saw a cute necklace in the window of the local pawn broker. I popped into the shop and checked it out. One thing led to another and I started to talk about my London escorts bag collection. The girl in the shop asked me if I wanted to sell them or pawn them. Well, I have too many bags to pawn, so I decided that I would sell them. I took the Friday off from London escorts and went to see the pawn broker. She asked me to leave them with her for a few days for valuation. When I called back in a couple of days later, I was surprised how good the valuation turned out to be, and I ended up selling my bags to her.  It is amazing what you have in the bag of your wardrobe when it all comes down to it.

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